July 24, 2008

Fck Tumblr I can't even find time to update my old baby blog, much less the one on the cool train I so hesitantly boarded and fell asleep on. And every time I return to Typepad, I don't even recognize the interface. It's like Typepad went through puberty and I was spared the awkward stage where it's greasy and smells weird. I'm so damn brizzy, but in a good way. I fled my TV job of which I grew tired quickly. Somehow, I've managed to parlay writing about David Gest and Black Pigpen into a full-time writing gig (freelancing full time, that is). And it's amazing, albeit surprisingly exhausting. But as any resident of literary/dykey Park Slope, Brooklyn should, I have voluntarily joined the laptop army, busting out blog posts from neighborhood coffee shops not cheap enough to charge $6 for a one-time session of WiFi use (I used to love your foamy chai latte, Ozzie's, until your penny-pinching left a sour taste in my mouth). I will definitely try to reclaim my home territory and pump out some more insane warbling here on Fast Hugs, but in the meantime, you can catch up with me at the following sites: 23/6 where I write political humor (that being said, I don't do it too often because...um...I like Barack. The end?) The Apiary, where I write interviews and features about the alternative comedy scene in New York Buzzfeed, where I'm a "trendhunter" on the prowl for all things worthy of your attention Best Week Ever, where I'm still a member of the Bloggers Action Network Gay Men's Social Crisis, where I express my disdain for gay dudes other than, like, my 3 gay dude friends Psychopedia, where I write about New York stuff ("and it got me to thinking...do men have the upper hand in the game set match point blah blah fucking blah pink manolos cosmos sex") Tilzy.tv, where I write about TV on teh tubez Urlesque, where I'm always on the hunt for the weirdest stuff that ever happened online Oh, and I got a dog! He's a 4 year old schnauzer/shih tzu mix named Atticus, and he's obssesed with me. I rescued him from a crazy awesome lady who has 25 dogs in her house. (She can't afford it, but then again, who can afford housing 25 dogs?) Anyway, have a great summer! Sorry we didn't get to know each other better 6-:

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