February 06, 2008

Taking 'Paws' When I get a dog - which I plan to do as soon as my freelance writing career reaches an equilibrium that allows me to make an assload of money while writing about things like ugly babies and fictional Mo'nique vehicles - she will be loved. I have a dog, Emma, a chocolate lab of nearly fourteen years who lives with my parents on Long Island. She is somewhat spry for her old age, and she continues to remain charmingly "labradorable" (whatever - I'd still be wearing the I Love My Lab shirt if it was 1995, too). I've only dabbled in animal rights (but, really, only for dogs because cats are creepy and slinky and boring), having volunteered for organizations like Mighty Mutts and the ASPCA. I've never been involved with PETA, nor would I want to as their political tactics have, it seems, become increasingly fucking crazy. Check out this video (part of PETA's new campaign for animal birth control), in which they essentially equate the American Kennel Club to Klan members: Yeah, yikes. I know that dog shows are weird and cruel, and that breeders are basically working in the interest of themselves only, but, um, isn't the Ku Klux Klan known best for lynching and torching? I will, however, concede and say that, indeed, an event like the Westminster Dog Show truly belongs exclusively in a Christopher Guest film (plus, I wasn't about to shell out $40 to sit in Madison Square Garden and gawk from afar, when I could easily be a creep and gawk from right outside the dog run in Washington Square Park instead). PETA Vs. The Dog Show [NYT] Live-dogging Bestminster [BWE]

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